West Basin remains committed to environmental protection during its exploration and potential development of a responsible ocean water desalination facility. The District is performing a detailed quantification of these impacts in compliance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements.

The West Basin Municipal Water District will release a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the potential full scale ocean water desalination facility and accept public comment. Upon release of the draft EIR, the public may submit a comment by downloading and filling out a comment form by the stated deadline. This form can be mailed to the District office at 17140 S. Avalon Drive, Carson, CA 90746 or emailed to DesalEIR@WestBasin.org. If you would like to be included on a notification list for the West Basin EIR process, please click the link: EIR notification email list. For the latest news on West Basin’s responsible ocean water desalination program, also visit the What’s New section.

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The CEQA process is required for any project that has the potential to have adverse environmental impacts. Through CEQA, a project is required to determine if the impacts are significant enough to require an EIR; or if they are less than significant and do not require further analysis. It was determined in West Basin’s Program Master Plan that a full scale ocean water desalination facility would require an EIR and have impacts that would require mitigation. To learn more about CEQA, please check out the California Natural Resources Agency website.


West Basin’s responsible ocean water desalination CEQA and EIR initiation was approved by the Board of Directors in May 2015. The District released an EIR Notice of Preparation (NOP) in August 2015, initiated a 45-day public comment period, provided comment forms on this website and held publicly advertised meetings regarding the NOP. For more information about the NOP, please view the full notice.


West Basin has developed a schedule for the project and will update this website with key dates and announcements. A current EIR schedule is below and may be revised as necessary. West Basin has a track record of commitment to the environmental review process and to presenting the public with a thorough analysis when conducting an environmental review.  

Activity                                                                          Timeframe

Notice of Preparation (NOP) Release

August 31, 2015

45 Day Public Comment Period

August 31 – October 15, 2015

General Public Briefing (ECLWRF)

September 30, 2015

Technical Studies and Impact Quantification (internal)

October 2015 – Present

Anticipated Draft EIR Release


Draft EIR Comment Period


Anticipated Final EIR Certification